What we are all about?

Cannahealth is a restricted access service portal for Australian GPs and specialists to learn more about current research and medical cannabis products available in Australia via participating pharmacists.

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Patient Access

Since March 2017, GP’s and specialists across Australia can legally prescribe a range of  medicinal cannabis medicines for certain indications, supplied by an approved importer and dispensed via your local pharmacy.  Cannahealth is your medical cannabis product and information gateway which links participating pharmacists to product availability throughout Australia.

How the process works

Each state and territory health authority (i.e.: QLD Health) provides a patient access pathway for cannabis plant medicines via GP’s and approved Authorised Prescribers.  Cannahealth is the online service, that consolidates the processing of cannabis medicines between your doctor’s prescription, your local pharmacy and your state or territory Health Ministry.

Why medical cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis is a new medicine, which, as of November 1st 2016, is now regulated by both federal and state legislation in Australia, under the TGA an Health Department.  Historically, the cannabis plant was used as a botanic compound in the preparation of tinctures and oils that were dispensed by pharmacists, as a complimentary treatment for a variety of medical indications.


At Cannahealth we have sourced quality tested medicinal cannabis products from a variety of suppliers, prepared for the Australian pharmaceutical market. Our team of researchers are preparing The Green Guide to assist GPs in dosing and selecting the products available at participating pharmacies. Access to ipharmacy is restricted to health practitioners and requires registration below.


Why medical cannabis?

Cannabis medicines may provide an alternative or complimentary treatment to a range of medical indications and some products are now accessible for prescribing by GPs and specialists,  via participating pharmacies.


The AIMC Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis Inc. is a not-for-profit which is collaborating with scientists and medical specialists across Australia, explaining the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids use.  Our team has begun to work with stakeholders and licensed medicinal cannabis researchers, providing an information portal to the current state of evidence and recommendations for research.


The Cannahealth online service is a project of the AIMC, dedicated to providing information for medical physicians about current research and usages of sponsored medicines available now via participating pharmacies. The Cannahealth Online service also provides product disclosure information and consolidation of SAS Sponsor medicinal cannabis products with government agencies.


In preparation for an Australian supply chain of medicinal cannabis products,  seed genetics are  being prepared for planting using greenhouse systems.  Three studies are being consolidated for potential partnering with research institutions including a study of cannabis use for treating PTSD, lowering opioid dependance in Aged Care and neuropathic pain indications.  AIMC will endeavour to provide open science data to all our research findings.


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