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Medicinal Cannabis. Prescription and Fulfilment.

When a doctor and patient both believe medicinal cannabis is the desired treatment option for a condition, the doctor will apply for use of medicinal cannabis via the Special Access Scheme online system.

Once a doctor receives approval from the TGA to prescribe a specified medicinal cannabis product for a particular patient, they are able to write the patient a script for that product. On that script, the doctor will include (1) The TGA approval number (2) The titration schedule for the medication (3) The patients contact details.

The patient will receive the script and often a copy of the TGA approval from the doctor. These documents can then be taken to your local pharmacy.

In order to dispense medicinal cannabis, a pharmacy needs to site the script and a copy of the TGA approval to match with the script.

In order to supply medicinal cannabis to a pharmacy, the supplier requires a copy of the TGA approval to match with the pharmacies order.

Please note, medicinal cannabis products cannot be dispatched until all approvals and associated script have been received.