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Medicinal Cannabis. Your First Consult.

If you have been referred to a new doctor for your ‘Application Consultation’ be
prepared by providing:

  1. Ideally, bring a copy of your patient consent form

  2. Ideally, bring a copy of your patient referral form. This will include your relevant medical history and related documents. Alternatively, your referring doctor may send relevant documents to your new medicinal cannabis doctor.



Familiarise yourself with how Medicinal Cannabis Works and Medicinal Cannabis Safety, so you are aware of the effects and possible side-effects of medicinal cannabis products.

Before your medical practitioner applies to access medicinal cannabis, they will complete a comprehensive clinical assessment. This will likely include assessment of presenting symptoms and underlying diagnosis, past medical history, medication review, mental health history, family health history, “At risk” behaviours associated with drug dependence and substance abuse disorder, social history and physical investigations as appropriate.