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Medicinal Cannabis. Dispensing.

When doctor and patient both believe medicinal cannabis is the desired
treatment option for a condition, the doctor will apply for use of medicinal
cannabis via the Special Access Scheme online system.

When the TGA grants a patient approval to trial a specific medicinal cannabis formulation, the doctor will give the patient:

- A copy of their TGA approval (containing a unique code to that approval)

- A script for the formulation specified on the application. The script should also include the patients (1) TGA Approval code (2) Contact number (3)Titration schedule

When a patient takes an approval and script into a pharmacy, the pharmacy will:

- Order for the patient the quantity of the formulation specified on the script, from the supplier 

- In order to dispatch the formulation to a pharmacy, the supplier is required to receive a copy of the TGA approval with its unique code

- If the prescribed formulation contains the active THC, the pharmacy will require the appropriate approvals to supply schedule 8 products.

Orders are generally dispatched from wholesalers Monday – Thursday only to avoid storage by couriers over a weekend period.

Please note, medicinal cannabis products cannot be dispatched until all approvals and associated script have been received.

The whole process can be done as quickly as 5 days.